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About the Durastill Distillation Process

If you are looking for the convenience of making gallons of pure water at home per day and the peace of mind of owning the most dependably-built water distiller on the market, Durastill is the answer. Since 1970, Durastill has been a leader in quality water purification, building distillers that last and last. Filters and reverse osmosis units don't come close to the superior purity and taste that a Durastill distiller can provide.

All Durastill models have evaporators made of 318 alloy stainless steel and annealed stainless steel floats for greater life expectancy in harsh feedwater conditions. Incoloy heating elements are used in each model.

Storage tanks, external housings and trim are type 304 stainless steel for durable good looks. The simple, rugged and dependable float-operated controls provide automatic control of the heating element and are further protected by a heavy-duty thermostatic switch.

In the distillation process, water in the boiling tank comes to boil, creating steam. The steam rises, leaving behind bacteria killed in the boiling process, as well as chemicals, minerals, and harmful pollutants from the source water. The steam moves into the condenser coils where it is cooled by air and condenses to become pure distilled water.

Durastill Process

About Durastill, Inc.

"40 years of Quality and Dependability."

The Durastill name is well known and respected throughout the water purification industry. The family owned and operated company has proudly manufactured Durastill water distillers in the U.S.A. for over thirty five years, beginning in the mid 1970s. Now, as the industry leader in water distillation products, Durastill has an ongoing tradition of three simple philosophies.

* Build a simple, rugged and dependable product capable of producing the purest quality water.

* Provide the best customer and product support within the industry.

* Continue to support all Durastill distillers manufactured over the past thirty years with replacement parts and technical support.

The formula for any successful company has two components: Quality Products and a Knowledgeable sales network. With the full technical support of the factory, Durastill Dealer David Klein, Ph.D. is able to help you with any need.

Dave Klein

Formerly an Environmental Engineer, I am a Hygienic Doctor, helping clients and customers create vibrant health via detoxification, natural nutrition & healthful living. I have been drinking distilled water for 26 years. I began when I was healing up a severe chronic illness which had caused severe demineralization. Via a nutritious diet based in fruits and vegetables along with distilled water, I completely rejuvenated and remineralized my depleted body. (See for my bio and more information.)

I have been a certified Durastill Dealer since the early 2000s. I sell all Durastill models and supplies for all home and commercial applications. My professional civil/environmental design background, expert advice, prompt service and close association with the Durastill factory engineers leave my customers highly satisfied. I will promptly answer all your questions, providing you with the technical expertise and personal health and installation care you need for a lifetime of satisfaction with your life-enhancing Durastill.


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